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We Specialize in Retaining Walls

At Yard Shark we break retaining walls down into two categories; engineered walls and garden walls.

Engineered Walls

Engineered walls serve a specific purpose and are designed and built in such a way so they will last a long time without failing. Engineered retaining walls are built to battle gravity and prevent water and soil from eroding downward. We typically build engineered walls for raising the level of lawns, walk out basements, and supporting structures on a hillside.

The experienced team at Yard Shark will ensure your engineered wall is built to last a lifetime. Some of the key features we focus on when building engineered walls includes a proper base for the wall, proper drainage behind the wall, a geo-textile fabric for reinforcing the wall, a base layer of block below grade, and more.

Garden Walls

We describe a garden wall as a retaining wall that is primarily built for looks and appeal. A garden wall would be built for a privacy barrier, edging for a flower bed/garden, and any function where the wall does not need to be engineered and reinforced.


Financing Available

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